ZX Spectrum Gamer

  • ZX Spectrum is an 8-bit home computer developed in 1982. You will find information about Sinclair ZX Spectrum games at this app.
  • Search the games by keywords or list them alphabetically.
  • Find your favorite games and add them to your favorite list by pressing star button at top of the game detail page.
  • You can view loading screens, running screens, inlay pictures, advertisements. You can read text and PDF instruction documents, POK files. You can visit related sites and links.
  • You can view youtube videos and listen MP3 sound samples of the games. These features are available on some games.
  • You can play tape files as sound to load games to real ZX Spectrum hardware. This feature is not available for the games that distribution has been denied by their publisher.
  • Don’t forget to send us your feedback about this app. This will let us to improve the app.