Send Greeting Cards

Send Greeting Cards is greeting card generation and sharing mobile app. You can create and share cards to family and friends easily with this app.

With this app,

  • You can create greeting cards with animation, video and steady image
  • Add predefined or custom wish text messages over animation, video or picture
  • Add background music
  • Share with public, private and share-only modes
  • With private mode, only one person can view your greeting card. It is ideal for Valentine’s day.

You can customize greeting cards by

  • Choosing predefined different greeting themes (Christmas, Easter, birthday etc)
  • Scanning your printed greeting cards by phone’s camera
  • Choosing predefined wishes
  • Entering your own words as wish
  • Changing text font type
  • Changing text color
  • Changing background color
  • Changing position of the text
  • Changing position of the card
  • Adding background music